Strategic Plan

SMICS Vision

To facilitate a network of cancer services in southern Melbourne which offers exceptional care, an ideal experience and optimal clinical outcomes to people affected by cancer.

SMICS Supportive Care

SMICS is committed to implementing the Supportive Care Strategic Plan to improve the delivery of supportive care for cancer patients and their families across southern Melbourne.

The SMICS Supportive Care Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan identify SMICS strategic priorities, the rationale, local issues, goals and challenges that will inform implementation in the future.

Multidisciplinary Care

SMICS Multidisciplinary Care Strategic Plan outlines SMICS vision for multidisciplinary care.  There are three priorities for SMICS multidisciplinary care improvement activities:

  1. Multidisciplinary cancer care will be person–centred
  2. Multidisciplinary cancer care will be accessible
  3. Multidisciplinary cancer care will be coordinated

MPCCC Strategic Plan 2017-2021